Learning RX of Chattanooga
Linda Althoff
2040 Hamilton Place Blvd
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 305-1599

We strive to be a model of integrity and help as many people as possible of all ages in our community to build their quality of life by using learningRXís brain training services."




Learning RX of Chattanooga


We exist to strengthen studentís learning skills so that learning and reading become easier. We also improve memory, attention, and focus, logic and reasoning along with strengthening visual, auditory, and executive processing. The first step in the process is an assessment to determine the cognitive skill levels.

The unique one-on-one brain training program at LearningRx Chattanooga East transforms a studentís ability to learn at the core cognitive level. We serve students wanting to enhance their ability to learn, read and succeed at a broad range of academic challenges. We are different from other training and tutoring centers because we get to the root of learning and reading struggles instead of just treating the symptoms.

Type of Organization:

Cognitive Training/Learning Skills/Brain Training